Irīna Abakoka is a textile designer specialising in ethical, handmade textile art works for interious and fashion based in Latvia, North Europe. She is a natural dyer and founder of DILLES FASHION brand and textile art Studio located in Gulbene, Latvia.

Irīna grew up in town and as a child she spent her summers in the countryside surrounded by nature. Today, nature is her meditation and a way to balance the harmony of the mind.

DILLES FASHION is not only an artistic and spiritual ritual, but a way to create the most ethical products – one of a kind. Irīna Abakoka provides a bridge between fashion and Mother Nature, with a focus on sustainability that changes the way we experience modern ethical fashion.

In her Textile Art Studio, she uses ancient plant dye techniques and combines it with botanical contact printing and shibori techniques. Each colour is made using fresh and dried plant materials growing in local area, minerals, non-toxic metals and food waste. It is a long and organic process of transferring the imprint of a plant directly onto textile through a steaming or boiling processes. In the result all textile art works are completely different and can never be repeated because no leaf or flower are ever the same.

DILLES FASHION stands for ethical fashion that is directly connected to nature and preserving it by choosing a green future.

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